PerfectSmileAligner was a very simple choice for me. I wanted my teeth straightened with minimal interference to my daily life. 


It offered me a way to straighten my teeth without others noticing, it was very comfortable, and very easy process at the Dentist, not to mention much more affordable than I thought. 


Definitely recommended!

Simple, pain free and quick. 


Just how I like my visit to the Dentist to be.


5*'s for the PerfectSmileAligner

I wore the PerfectSmileAligner for about 6 months. Within the first 2 weeks I noticed my teeth moving, and by about 4 weeks my teeth were aligning up perfectly. 


I have been very happy with the process and end result of the PerfectSmileAligner braces. 

After considering many different options for braces I decided to go with PerfectSmileAligner.


Firstly, I liked the idea of having something on my teeth that was hardly noticable.


Secondly, I was able to remove it for my friends wedding, and carry on the day after, without having to visit the Dentist.


Thirdly, it was so much cheaper than what I had imagined.


Thank you to my Dentist for giving me my smile back!

I never thought it would be possible to straighten my teeth with such little fuss. If I had known this before, I would have got it done ages ago. 


It was very fast, not painful, and I am very happy with the results!