Frequently Asked Questions 

We understand that you may have questions about the PerfectSmileAligner especially when it seems too good to be true!

Not surprisingly many others like you have asked the same questions, so we have prepared the most common ones below, we hope it helps!

If you have any other questions that are not answered below, then please contact us directly, where one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help.  

How are cases selected?

The PerfectSmileAligner works by applying gentle forces that safely move teeth into the desired position with a series of specially customised braces. Using state of the art digital scanningsophisticated software and revolutionary 3D printing, we are able to customise the PerfectSmileAligner braces that are tailor made to straighten your teeth. 


  1. The journey starts with a visit you your Dentist, where Dental Impressions can be taken to create a copy of your teeth.

  2. These impression copies are sent to the PerfectSmileAligner laboratory, where a skilled technician will transfer the physical impression into a computer generated 3D image of you teeth (this is accurate to a hair's thickness!)

  3. Your teeth are carefully assessed, and our technicians work with your Dentist to plan the PerfectSmile position for your teeth. 

  4. Our experiened technicians then use designed computer software is then used to carefully reposition your teeth into the PerfectSmile position.

  5. Finally state of the art 3D printers are used to custom make your tailor made PerfectSmileAligners, which are then sent to your Dentist fo fitting. 



Do I have to wear it all the time?

The great thing about the PerfectSmileAligner is that it is removable. This means that you can take it out for cleaning, contact sports, eating and drinking; reducing the risk of any damage occuring to your natural teeth during treatment. 


Although the PerfectSmileAligner brace is removable, we do recommend wearing the brace for the time agreed by your Dentist.

Not doing so could affect the end result of your treatment and the time taken to achieve it. 




Will it be noticable that I am wearing braces?

The PerfectSmileAligner is made from a clear, transparent material. When worn you will be able to see your natural teeth underneath, with other metallic parts or components like the conventional "train track" style braces. 


Most people choose the PerfectSmileAligner over other style braces because it is virtually invisible. You, your family, friends and colleagues will hardly notice it, as it fits discretely over your natural teeth, silently creating your Perfect Smile!



Does it hurt?

The gentle forces placed on teeth using the PerfectSmileAligner feel similar to that of pushing your front tooth with a finger (try it to see). Although it initially feels strange, the PerfectSmileAligner is one of the most comfortable ways of straightening your teeth. 


Will it damage my teeth?


The PerfectSmileAligner gently and safely moves teeth into the Perfect Smile position. The forces used to move the teeth are used routinely to move teeth, and will not damage your teeth if your general oral heath is deemed to be acceptable. 


The PerfectSmileAligner does not stick to / chemically interfere with teeth, and therefore will not directly damage your teeth.

Treatment with the PerfectSmileAligner can ONLY be performed by a registered Dentist or Orthodontist.


The clinician will carefully assess you oral health, as well as other factors that could damage your teeth during treatment (including oral hygiene, diet etc). If any possible problems are highlighted, these will need to be corrected before proceeding with treatment to straighten your teeth. 


How much will it cost?

The cost can vary depending on various factors including the length of treatment, number and types of teeth movement required.


The PerfectSmileAligner is one of the most affordable ways to achieve the Perfect Straight Smile, and your Dentist will be able to accurately estimate treatment costs after consultation.


How easy is it to get started?

It has never been easier to get the Perfect Straight Smile. 


Find and book an appointment with a local PerfectSmileAligner Dentist here.

If you cannot find a Dentist in you area, contact us and we will help find one for you.


Your Denitst can then assess your teeth and give you the PerfectSmileAligner options. 

Once agreed, you could be fitted with your first PerfectSmileAligner brace 2 weeks later and be on the way to the Perfect Straight Smile. 



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