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What is PerfectSmileAligner® ?

The PerfectSmileAligner gives Dentists the possibilty to provide patients with a simple orthodontic system to correct malalignments of teeth.

How does it work?

We use state of the art 3D computer aided scanning software to scan your impressions.

These are converted using our unique software, which allows us to perfectly plan safe movements of your patients teeth into the PerfectSmile alignment. 


Our experienced orthodontic technicians will work with you to plan a course of treatment that will deliver your patient the desired end result. Our technicians are available by phone or email to discuss any instructions or questions you may have about a case. 


We use 3D printers to produce a series of PerfectSmileAligners, which are delivered to you approximately 10 working days after the treatment plan is agreed. 

Why use PerfectSmileAligner for your patients?

We are focused on delivering high quality treatment outcomes for your patients, where we will work with you to discuss, plan and execute each case to perfection. 


We deliver high quality and affordable services, which are often a quarter of the cost of conventional systems; hence reducing lab fees and patient costs. 


Our orthodontic technicians have a wealth of experience that can be utilised at any point to help with treatment planning. You are welcome to contact our technicians by phone or email, and give instructions or ask questions directly to the technician.


PerfectSmileAligner® vs Fixed Orthodontics?
  • PerfectSmileAligner is based on a removable system of nearly invisible braces. The unique scanning software and 3D printing used to fabricate the PerfectSmileAligner braces, allows us to perform nearly all movements possible with conventional fixed orthodontics.


  • Once a case has been planned, the PerfectSmileAligners are fabricated by our master technicians, allowing you to focus your chairside time on other aspects of your patients dental health. 


  • All the planning of the case is integrated into each PerfectSmileAligner package, allowing appointments to be spent changing the aligner rather than having to change wires, adjust brackets or screwing appliances. 


  • Patients love the PerfectSmileAligner because it is so comfortable, and fits nearly invisibly into their daily lifestyle, making uptake much more successful.  

What cases can I treat with PerfectSmileAligner®?

PerfectSmileAligners can be used for:


  • Crowding

  • Spacing

  • Rotations


The PerfectSmileAligner system is very effective at treating a large range of cases, however we also know the limitations, and when things need to be referred. 


Our orthodontic technicians will be best placed to guide you as to what is suitable for our system, and with their experience, help plan your cases.


How much does it cost?

The PerfectSmileAligner is one of the most affordable tooth alignment systems available, and usually around a quarter of the cost of comparable systems. These savings can often be passed onto the patients, allowing for a more affordable and accessible treatment option for patients to achieve their Perfect Smile!


What is the process for the clinician?

Contact us to register yourself with the PerfectSmileAligner, there are no registration fees or adminstration charges. 


You will be sent a starter pack or alternatively, you can download our Lab Sheet and free postage labels from the download area.


Send us your case being sure to include:

  • Silicone impressions

  • Bite registration

  • Lab Sheet with instructions/planning information


We will then contact you within 5 days to discuss the case and make a plan with you

Once agreed, we will start fabricating the PerfectSmileAligners and arrange for them to be sent to your practice, ready for fitting. 


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For more information about becoming a provider, or to request a starter kit, contact us directly.

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